Wind/Hail Damage Losses

What Documentation to expect:

  • • Weather Report -
  • • Collateral Damage – vent caps, siding, gutters, screens, A/C, awnings, etc.
  • • Roof – Material, Pitch, Layers, Height, Age, Condition
  • • Diagram - measurements, direction, calculations, test squares.
  • • Photographs – ridge view, each slope, collateral damage, pitch gauge, shingle thickness, test square close-up, hail damage close-up.

Weather Report

weather report

Collateral Hail Damage

Vent Cap

vent cap

Wall Cap

wall cap

Vinyl Siding

vinyl siding


Roof Documentation

Roof Layers

roof layers

Shingle Thickness

shingle thickness

Roof Pitch

roof pitch


Roof Diagram

roof diagram


Test Squares

Overview of Test Square

test square

Close Up of Hail Damage in Test Square

test square


Printable PDF - Wind and Hail Damage